This blue door was given a new lease of life and installed as the head board of this king-sized bed.

City Apartment- bedroom design

The Brief

This blue door really was the hero piece for the master bedroom design in this modern two-bedroom apartment located in Perth, Western Australia.

Found hidden in the garden of an antique store, it was far too beautiful to waste and rot away. Our client was keen to use it somewhere but where.....?

Cleaning the door up and treating it to prevent any further paint damage was paramount prior to utilising it within this space but once that was all completed, we knew it just had to be a feature in this bedroom. Once installed, the rest of the decor came together nicely and is a statement piece of this home interior.

Images from the clients travels were mounted and framed creating a gallery wall which complimented the room perfectly. This monochrome style was continued throughout the room with the soft furnishings and lighting. The rustic look was completed with the use of old crates as the bedside tables, willow branches in the corner of the room and the antique rosewood chest at the end of the bed.