Open plan living entertainment area

Open Plan Living

The Brief

This new build apartment situated in Perth, Western Australia was essentially a blank canvas when our client bought it off-plan. 

The location, the size of the property and the amenities of the building were too good to pass up but decorating it to make the most of the open plan space was the hard part and hence we were contacted to assist with the decoration and ensure the flow of the space....

Our client had a passion for travel and surf and wanted a space to entertain and relax. He loved colour and wanted a space that reflected his personality.

The external wall of the building was a lovely canary yellow and so along with the bright red surf board that the client wanted to display, we were able to design this fantastic space which was anything but standard!

The clients own images taken on his many adventures travelling were turned mounted on canvas and displayed within the room.  Furniture made from drift wood and natural materials inspired by the beach were used and a selection of bright colour throws and cushions were used to incorporate the design.